EV Chargers




EV Chargers

EV charging levels and all types of chargers explained Charging can be categorised in multiple ways. The most common way to think about EV charging is in terms of charging levels. There are three levels of EV charging: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 and generally speaking, the higher the level, the higher the power output and the faster your new vehicle will charge.


The most immediate benefit of installing an EV charger at home is the sheer convenience associated with home charging.

Avoid Charging Point charges

By installing a charger at your home, you can avoid these charging woes and leave the house every morning with a fully charged car.

No Queues

With home chargers you won't be waiting or queuing for a public charging point to become free.

Cheaper Charging

Compared to commercial, public EV charging points, a home EV charger can provide you with cheaper charging.

EV Installation

We assess the impact of adding solar PV panels or battery storage on your energy consumption. We help evaluate the financial benefit of an investment in solar panels and/or battery storage.

Car Recharging Station
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Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers are an essential part of owning an electric vehicle. They provide the power necessary to keep the battery charged and ready to use. With the rising popularity of EVs, many people are looking to purchase an EV charger for their vehicle.

EV chargers are available in a variety of sizes and types, depending on the specific needs of the vehicle. Some EV chargers are portable and can fit into a regular outlet, while others are wallmounted or attached to the vehicle’s frame. There are also different levels of EV chargers, ranging from slow charging to fast charging.

When choosing an EV charger, it is important to consider the vehicle’s range, the battery size, and the type of charging needed. Different types of EV chargers require different levels of electricity, so it’s important to research the compatible chargers for the vehicle.

The cost of EV chargers can vary greatly, depending on the type and size of the charger. Many electric vehicle owners prefer to buy their EV charger from a reputable dealer to ensure quality and safety.

EV chargers are an important part of owning an electric vehicle and can help to extend the life of the battery. With the right EV charger, electric vehicle owners can be assured of reliable charging and long-lasting performance.


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