Case Study Specifications

Farm House underwent refurbishment with an extention to the main house and a garage conversion. Installation of renewable energy consisted of Ground Source Heat Pump,  Solar Thermal  and Solar PV.



Thank you very much for successfully concluding the installation of my ground source heat pump. Prior to selecting you as the contractor, I interviewed 5 or 6 others but even with my limited knowledge, I quickly realised that I knew more than they did…which was not a good sign. However, your proposal was clear and easy to understand and you knew how to use the land to the best effect.

The installation commenced in December and I was impressed at how, even in the most inclement weather, you were there every day, up to your shoulders in mud! It was bitterly cold, but even so, the work continued under lights from the digger or just in darkness anyway. The land was reinstated after the digging and the site was left tidy.

The workmanship on the pipework is incredible and the use of high quality copper and brass fittings stands out. You eschew plastic hoses and the job looks all the better as a result. I am in the refrigeration and AC industry myself and I recognise the quality of the workmanship and also the use of premium quality pumps and components. The circulation pumps (of which there are many) are themselves the most energy efficient on the market, but this is largely unseen. It would be easy for you to cut corners on the components but you have used the best on the market throughout.

It is a little too early for me to comment upon the running cost savings but I have no doubt that they will be in evidence and everything is working perfectly so far, 6 months in. The post-installation follow up has been excellent and it is great to have personal service from somebody whom I feel that can be relied upon.

Thanks for doing a great job, and I am delighted to recommend your expert services.