The Old School House

Old school front view

The Old School House when we arrived in early Jan 2023 was a cold and damp E EPC rated property. We started by pulling out all the old Storage Heaters and laid all downstairs a Slimfix 18 Underfloor Heating System into a Twin Salus Manifold system. We installed a Mitsubishi Ecodan 14KW Air Source Heat Pump with Ready Plumbed Mitsubishi Storage Tank.

Woodfields Case Study

Installed a 15 Panel Solar array with a 5kw hybrid inverter with a 5kwh battery storage system.

Mayher Case Study

Installed 4.4 kw solar array with a 3.6kw hybrid inverter and a 5kwh battery storage.

The Showroom

The Shires Renewable Energy Hub located at 26 Green End in Whitchurch Shropshire, is a place where customers can come in and discuss their needs and to see what they’re getting for their money.

Ost Case Study

A unique custom installation – We Installed two 8.5 kw Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pumps with 2 250l pre plumbed cylinders but to have them working separately across two floors of the property.

Broadbent Case Study

Here we have a 5.2 kw solar array with a 5kw hybrid inverter and 2 5kwh battery storage units. Installed on a slate roof using the solar limpet method. Larger than your average domestic kit we have 14 panels due to the size of the property and the daily usage. Also the customer has an electric car and will be having a car charger installed to work alongside the hybrid inverter to reduce energy going back to the grid.