Case Study Specifications

The project installed a Air Source Heat pump – one very happy customer.


I live in an area that does not have mains gas or oil heating.  Having contacted numerous companies regarding my heating options they all gave their opinion on what was the best solution.  We did, of course, receive conflicting views regarding ground source, biomass and air source heating.  Even down to the underfloor heating, the advice given by each company varied greatly.


Keith was recommended to us by Cholmondeley Estate and came to do a site visit.  Immediately he noticed some problems with the building work that would have had an impact on the underfloor heating we may have wanted installing.  He gave advice on how to rectify this and worked closely with the builder and his team to ensure everything was amended appropriately. 


We found Keith to be a very honest and reliable person, his knowledge of renewable heating is second to none.  Knowing we out of our depth, Keith spent a lot of time discussing the options and advising on which heating option he thought would be the best for us.  He also discussed the pros and cons of other heating options. 


The work he has done for us is to a very high standard and we have found him to be very approachable and professional.   If we had gone with another contractor I no doubt believe that we would have had a system that was not effective and would have led to problems with any overlaying floor we would have put down.    Keith’s honesty has lent us to having a bespoke heating system that has been fitted in a timely manner and left clean and tidy at all times.


I can wholeheartedly recommend Keith Bentley to any business or individual who is considering renewable energy as a form of heating.